Pre-nail Wall Frames

From standard to complex designed housing, commercial and industrial applications Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses can provide a cost effective solution for your Pre-nailed and timber framing requirements.
  • Save time as frames made under factory conditions delivered to your site ready to be stood at a time that suits you.
  • Save money as frames can usually be stood and tied down in one day.
  • Be more of a builder and less of a carpenter. Pre-nail frames can free up a lot of your precious time while labourers stand your frame.
  • All of our pre nailed frames are cut using robotic saws that are highly accurate and label the components with the job number, component name, frame label and wall junction numbers. This improves identification of trusses and simplifies installation.
  • All frames marked for ease of placement and erection.
  • Frames are designed for residential applications to AS1684 specifications; we are also specialists in commercial and industrial applications.
  • All load-bearing walls calculated to meet the buildings needs and to conform to the loading of our floor trusses and roof trusses.
  • Theft is kept to a minimum as frames are harder to steal and require effort to modify for other uses.
  • On-site wastage kept to a minimum.
  • Less lost time due to wet weather as we can continue to manufacture indoors.
  • Treatment costs for L.O.S.P. lower because of less wastage.
  • We will co-ordinate a complete delivery schedule when Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses supply the entire project to ensure swift progress from stage to stage.
  • Because we supply the Pre-nail frames, Floor trusses and Roof trusses we can supply all certificates at once to ease complications associated with Council finals.

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