Silkwood Steiner School

The building industry is a thriving entity on the Gold Coast and building designs are ever changing to suit our contemporary, fast-paced and modern lives. The Gold Coast is no doubt a strong contender in the design and erection of conceptual construction. Due to this trend, only trained and experienced technical representatives should be trusted, to ensure that every stage of construction goes smoothly. This is where Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses come in.

As one of the biggest and most respected truss and frame suppliers on the east coast of Queensland, Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses were approached by the project coordinators of “Stage 2 – The Silkwood Steiner School” with a very interesting set of plans for additional classrooms. Upon looking at the elevations, it was evident that the entire roof structure of the project was curved. The architect described that the aesthetic quality to be necessary to blend in with the rest of the school and the natural surroundings.

In conjunction with the builder, Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses were able to economically design, detail and manufacture this unusual set of roof trusses, with the use of Multinail’s versatile suite of engineering software and Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses experienced technical team. The builder’s expectations were met without difficulty. On site installation was made easy through comprehensive details, layouts and drawings provided to the builder. With the help of experienced contractors, the project was completed in a timely manner, with all parties concerned pleased with the overall process.

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