Welcome to Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses we are a manufacturer synonymous with the fabrication of quality pre-nailed timber frames, trusses and floor trusses, a supplier of engineered floor systems, timber framing - treated and untreated timber, flooring, cladding, blue board, hardware and fixtures, timber posts, landscaping supplies and more.

Are You an Owner Builder?

What we can do to help the owner builder.

  1. Our staff has over 125 year's combined technical experience in the building industry and can offer free advice at any stage of your project, whether it be an Architectural or Engineering query.
  2. We offer a free estimating service for our entire product range.
  3. We can arrange a free visit to your building site by one of our technical staff to assist with any questions you may have (Only when orders have been placed with Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses Pty Ltd.).
  4. We offer a free site tour of our facility so you can see exactly how your products are going to be manufactured.
  5. We can provide a supply and erect service for your pre-nail frames, floor trusses, roof trusses plus internal and external fix outs.