MultiStrut & SteelWood Floor Trusses

Traditional solid timber floor joists often suffered from a tendency to twist, bow and shrink, this could lead to problems with cracking ceilings, squeaking floors and leaks around showers and baths. Timber Floor Trusses are engineered and manufactured in such a way to eradicate the inherent problems that can be associated with conventional solid timber section design and construction methods. Floor trusses are less than half the weight of the solid timber counterpart with the added bonus of reduced construction times and ease of running services.

  • Save time as floor trusses are made under factory conditions delivered to your site ready to be stood at a time that suits you.
  • Save money as floor trusses can usually be installed in one day.
  • All components marked for ease of placement and erection.
  • Floor trusses are designed for residential applications to AS1684 specifications; we are also specialists in commercial and industrial with the use of "Steel –wood" floor trusses.
  • All load-bearing walls calculated to meet the buildings needs and to conform to the loading of our floor trusses and roof trusses.
  • Theft is kept to a minimum as frames & trusses are harder to steal and require effort to modify for other uses.
  • On-site wastage kept to a minimum.
  • Less lost time due to wet weather as we can continue to manufacture indoors.
  • Economically provide uniform long spans, coupled with lightweight construction and minimal waste.
  • Ideally suited for floor Joists, rafters or purlins.
  • Treatment costs for L.O.S.P. lower because of less wastage.
  • Fixing of Floor and Ceiling materials made easy without need for battens.
  • Step-downs for wet areas can be incorporated into the design.
  • Ease of installing services such as Plumbing & Air-conditioning.
  • Gold Coast Timbers & Trusses can offer a cost effective alternative to solid timber sections, steel or timber I-Beams.