Pre-nail Wall Frames

From standard to complex designed housing, commercial and industrial applications Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses can provide a cost effective solution for your Pre-nailed and timber framing requirements.

  • Save time as frames made under factory conditions delivered to your site ready to be stood at a time that suits you.
  • Save money as frames can usually be stood and tied down in one day.
  • Be more of a builder and less of a carpenter. Pre-nail frames can free up a lot of your precious time while labourers stand your frame.
  • All frames marked for ease of placement and erection.
  • Frames are designed for residential applications to AS1684 specifications; we are also specialists in commercial and industrial applications.
  • All load-bearing walls calculated to meet the buildings needs and to conform to the loading of our floor trusses and roof trusses.
  • Theft is kept to a minimum as frames are harder to steal and require effort to modify for other uses.
  • On-site wastage kept to a minimum.
  • Less lost time due to wet weather as we can continue to manufacture indoors.
  • Treatment costs for L.O.S.P. lower because of less wastage.
  • We will co-ordinate a complete delivery schedule when Gold Coast Timbers and Trusses supply the entire project to ensure swift progress from stage to stage.
  • Because we supply the Pre-nail frames, Floor trusses and Roof trusses we can supply all certificates at once to ease complications associated with Council finals.